Time Travel with Us

Our ship with red sails sailed from Seattle a while ago to explore the history of nineteenth century America. After leaving the Salish Sea, we passed through a transit point back to the 1860s – so our posts are all written for you in the present by us in the past. You might expect a lot about the Civil War – and there will be some as we move east – but there was so much more to America in that decade. Wherever you look the nation is being refashioned – and we are here to tell you about it as it happens.

There is a sub-text to the voyage: to research a companion volume to our book The Last Days of Innocence: America at War 1917-1918 . This book dealt partly with the home front and partly with the Western Front – and our new book have roughly the same mix of home and battlefronts.

But research throws up such interesting people and stories that never make it into a book that is necessarily restricted by the publisher to a fixed number of words. Hence this blog – here are the stories and ideas that might otherwise get away. And, thanks to the miracle of time travel, brought to you first hand.

So come with us – sail through time a little – you never know what or who may turn up. 

a lugger with a red sail
Under Our Red Sails
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