Welcome to all those who came along on the ride around Germany this summer – and welcome to everyone joining us.

So here we begin, the last day of sea trials in the Puget Sound, north of Seattle. The Race Marshal has procured for the first part of our expedition the most wonderful lugger – a vessel from the glamour of the 1920s, teak and mahogany and gleaming with brass.

To the Lighthouse (c) Meirion Harries

Rather cleverly, she has chosen a craft with a retractable keel board – so we can float on almost any depth of water. And being a classicist by training, she has named the boat after the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus because – as he sort of said – we won’t be sailing on the same river twice.

Aboard is my trusty bicycle. The Race Marshal is planning some scary fundraising rides – a major climb in the Rockies; an endurance slog across Arizona; a time trial through the backwoods of East Kentucky (she has been watching Justified and wants to see the real Harlen County).

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But enough of things to come: tomorrow we shall load various stores and edge out of Seattle on the evening tide. The Grand Depart beckons.

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